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now You Too can vote against Bush (or for i guess)


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Gee, what a surprise. It turns out Canadians really are scared to death of that psycho/moron.

You know, although this poll is unofficial, it might be possible for Canada to have a voice in this election. I have come across at least one Canadian (who might be on this forum) that has dual citizenship status. He was considering making arrangements to vote in the US election from Canada, as he was quite sure that he is entitled to do so. PLEASE! If you have any right to vote in the American election and are inclined to vote against Bush, take the time to do it. That guy has to go.

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I am actually not sure who you are in real life, "ahess", but I do not think you are the person I refer to. The dual-citizen I refer to lives in Montreal, but I am very pleased to see there are more of you out there and that you are taking a proactive approach to voting down south. Good for you!

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