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Last Nite: Bob Log III and the Riderless


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so, i checked this out at Call The Office last night and i just wanted to give a mention for the Riderless and encourage people to check these guys out... beautiful sonic soundscapes that just kinda float you along, and continue to rattle you consistently throughout all the textures and layers... lots of potential with these guys, and i am excited to see them again... i think these guys'll be fun to see grow into their sound and really push it over the edge... that was the one thing i found last night, they were awesome at bringing you to this level with this huge sound, but that fist never came through the wall and punched ya in the face. once they start punching, watch out! keep your eyes on the riderless, folks..

now bob log... i dunno, man... hahaha, well, lets be honest, he's a novelty act. its cool and its fun for the first little while, but im glad he didnt play for too long. it was already getting kinda tired and boring... for those who dont know, one man band style with a kickdrum and some raunchy guitar licks, and massively overdistorted vocals... the get up is interesting though... a spacesuit with helmet type thing... anyways, the entertainment value was there, and sometimes i guess thats good enough... things like "hey soundman, make my $16 guitar sound like $18.50!"... or, 3 songs in a row devoted to "boobies", the 3rd preceeded by a boob-dip... yep... bob proclaimed something to the effect of where he comes from (tuscon arizona) when a someone buys him a drink, they put their boobies in it. so the short girl with the MASSIVE guns that bought him a scotch had to put her tits in his drink. at least i saw some tit last nite. but i think my favourite moment came a song or 2 later when bob invited a couple girls on stage to sit on his knees while he played guitar and bounced them up and down. the song was called "i want you to sh!t on my leg".

weird night, indeed...

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yeah, not exactly an act you'd tour around for ::

got a kick out of the show when he was in town but yeah, while I liked his groove for a while but it was pretty much a novelty act, left before the end (got to see some boob too, tall thin girl so at least we know they're actual volunteers)

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