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Guelph Jazz Festival all week (Please Come!)


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I don't have hardly any time to feel you in on the details but check out www.guelphjazzfestival.com for more details. There are free colloquium shows in the day at MacDonald Stuart Art Centre for today and tomorrow. There are some really good shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday night including.... Do Make Say Think with a full string section!!! This promises to be a good rager and really intelligent show too. It's in the new mall walkway downtown too (Old Quebec Street) which will make for a really interesting locale. Also in the tent all day Saturday (Carden St.) there are awesome bands including Maroon, Les Projectionistes, Shuffle Demons, autorickshaw and Kevin Breit with Sisters Euclid!!!

Hope to see some of you around this week or weekend

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I am actually going to try and drag out a few guys to see and ideally play with Something Something tonight if they are cool with that. It happened last year I got Dean Bowman (Screaming Headless Torsos) to sit in with Recipe from A Small Planet and it was really amazing. Sometimes the guys want to go out and have a drink and play a bit more so here's hoping.

Also forgot to mention the tent on Carden st. on Saturday is free and Kevin Breit is on at 2:00 or 3:00 I believe. Look into some of these other groups like Maroon and Les Projectionistes too. Maroon plays some versions of Soundgarden and Radiohead stuff in a jazz context I believe and Projectionistes is sort of proggy John Zorn type stuff- muy cinematico.

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Check this band out!

Autorickshaw (Ontario)

This four-piece world music combo integrates traditional South Asian music with jazz and other popular music forms. The band features the smart composing of pianist Suba Sankaran (daughter of Guelph favourite, Trichy Sankaran) and tabla player, Ed Hanley, and is filled out by bassist Rich Brown, and Debashis Sinha, specialist in percussion from the Arab world. The band will be releasing its new record Four Higher (Festival Distribution) in time for the Guelph Jazz Festival.

Carden Street Jazz Tent, 11:30 am, Saturday September 11


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