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BNB thanks our Canadian Fans....


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Going down to the states as a Canadian Band, can be a very daunting task....a whole lot of people that have no clue what your about. Enter the good people from Canada whom made the trek down to Moe.down. I believe I ran into most of them...and boy were they enthusiastic. I remember many a Canadian telling me that he/she had spent a significant amount of time trying to convince american folks that they needed to check out BNB and Grand Theft Bus. I'll tell ya...both bands greatly appreciate the effort and support. One thing's for sure.. no matter what were to happen in the States presently or in the future BNB are and will always be a proud Canadian Band, who will continue to support and nuture this scene that has been a part of our lives for as long we I can remember. Cheers to you all.

P.S Camp Ottawa is crazy....crazy amazing crying crazy that is. MIkey and BNB and de BUS.

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