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we think we saw you!

God that must have been intense yesterday! I was on the edge of my seat! Goosebumps, frustrated...jumping up and down...cheering!

Poor Mikey just couldn't make it work.

Two of my favorite players....what a fight to the end.

I'd love to know how it felt to be there. Where you there for the playoff?

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i felt really bad for Mike

it must have been impossible for him to concentrate

i heard there were 52 thousand people there and they were chanting and shouting at him everywhere he went

i LOVED watching the golf

but the spectators there drove me nuts

thankfully i had a pocket full of joints to help keep the tolerance level up

i found it ironic that golf fans are as disrespectful and abnoxious as they are, considering the snooty attitude associated with the game.

it was really awesome and emotional to be there

i definately stayed until the end

and was standing a few feet from the green on the 17th second hole of the play-off

Mike should have taken it there with that short putt, but the pressure was too much

hell it was too much for me

i was very happy to have gone again with my dad (it had been 20 yrs since our last time together at the Open)

but i'll never go again

too much money, too many people and such an evident lack of respect for others that it was sickening

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