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Digital Music through Tube Radios


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As the daughter of an audiophile who owned his own classical audio store, i find this article really interesting. Thanks for posting it Paisley.

I definitely think that tube amps/tuners produce a more pleasing sound. I'm sure that this arguement could go on forever, just like the vinyl vs compact disc arguement will. And i also agree with this guy in that the best, newest technology really does point out the imperfections in the recording. I say this as I look over at my bookcase packed full of live recordings. This store owner has hit it on the head, pairing new speakers with old amplifiers still produces the rich warm tones, with enough clarity to please the picky listener perfectly (IMO). This would be my choice of a setup for digital playback. Oh man, I miss my stereo....damn small apartments and big speakers...damn them all to hell!!!

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