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TAB 2004-09-18 Setlist


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Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin, TX

Set I: Curlew's Call, Money Love and Change, Push On Til the Day, Ooh Child, Alive Again, Mozambique, Night Speaks To A Woman

Set II: Mr. Completely, Stash1, Drifting, It Makes No Difference, Last Tube, The Way I Feel

Encore: First Tube

1 Instrumental; First time played

Pretty nice, I wonder how many Phish tunes TAB will cover...

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Looks like a great setlist. I will track it down and check it out to see how the playing is. I hope TAB gets out and tours soon. Maybe next summer?

I can't see them covering many Phish tunes, only maybe when one of the other guys comes out to guest here and there will they cover something Phishy. That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing the odd cover from them.

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