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GD re-release Grateful Dead Movie and more!!!


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From the merch page at www.dead.net(note: clicking "here" won't work - I just cut and pasted; go to website for details):

The Grateful Dead Movie is now available for pre-order here! This 2 DVD set, with more than 5 hours of footage, contains the original theatrical release of The Grateful Dead Movie plus extensive bonus footage. The second disc includes three additional documentaries, 11 never-before-seen songs (totaling over 95 minutes), the original "Mars Hotel" television spot, a demonstration of multi-camera and multi-track audio mixing, and an extensive photo gallery. The picture is remastered from the original film negative in High Definition, and includes both the original theatrical surround sound mix, and a new 5.1 mix. Click here to see more information about the DVD.

When The Grateful Dead Movie was retired theatrically, most known 35mm prints of the Movie were returned to the Grateful Dead's vault. Unfortunately, many of the prints of the Movie were returned either incomplete, or heavily damaged. With the recent restoration of The Grateful Dead Movie, and the discovery of the original 35mm negative of the Movie from which the DVD was produced, these damaged or incomplete prints of the film have become obsolete. We still have several dozen complete (8 reel) theatrical prints of the Movie in very good condition, which are being properly preserved, but for the few "orphaned" reels (such as those prints of the Movie for which we have only Reel 1, 3, 4 and 7 of the 8 reels) or damaged reels, we have decided that rather than destroying these prints of what are still very cool visual items, we will distribute these 6" film strips to you!

So, for every pre-order of The Grateful Dead Movie DVD, you will receive a 6" strip of 35mm film from an actual theatrical print of The Grateful Dead Movie. Perhaps you'll receive a snippet of Gary Gutierrez's stunning animation, or some footage of Jerry shouting out the words to "Morning Dew." It's all random, and it's all good. One thing we can tell you is that these were all shown in theatres at one time, and all once resided in the Grateful Dead's vault. They're our gift to you, as a way to thank you for your continued support. This offer is only valid if you pre-order before 3:00pm EST on Friday, November 5. Once the pre-order closes, the film strip will not be available.

Also available with the DVD is a 5-CD soundtrack, featuring selections from 10/16/74 through 10/20/74, mastered in HDCD from the original 16 track, 2" analog reels. The six hour, 40 song Soundtrack fills in the gaps from the Movie and its bonus footage, featuring 20 unreleased tracks. Especially noteworthy is Disc 2's He's Gone through Stella Blue from 10/17 and Disc 4's Sugar Magnolia through Sunshine Daydream, also from 10/17. Disc 5 features Mickey Hart's return to the Grateful Dead, and presents the second set and encores of 10/20 in their entirety. The packaging includes a 24-page booklet with archival items and many rare photos. Click here for more information on the Soundtrack CD.

As a special offer, we are making Beyond Description, a 12-disc box set encompassing the 10 albums released between 1973 and 1989 on their own Grateful Dead Records label, and later Arista, available separately in the pre-order store. It enhances the live and studio repertoire with the sonic brilliance of 2004 mastering technology and a wealth of newly discovered supplemental material. Customers who order the box set will receive a special bonus disc containing 75 minutes of additional unreleased material from that era. Click here to see the entire tracklisting for the Box Set and Bonus Disc.

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that's amazing!!!

I'm so stoked for the BLUES FOR ALLAH bonus material:


12. Groove #1 (Instrumental Studio Outtake)

13. Groove #2 (Instrumental Studio Outtake)

14. Distorto (Instrumental Studio Outtake)

15. A To E Flat Jam (Instrumental Studio Outtake)

16. Proto 18 Proper (Instrumental Studio Outtake)

17. Hollywood Cantata (Studio Outtake)

damn that sounds delicious! "DISTORTO" > sh!t, and I thought "Destro" was a bad ass name

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