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holy f@ck...whose got some money to pitch???


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So i subscribe to this email thingy that list jobs and opportunities in the enviromental and sustainability community.

And I open my mail the other day to find this. This is FREAKIN' ridiculous!!! I was going to do an internship here a few years ago (never did as life carried me away). The price and with everything included and the potential is just astounding. ohhhhhhh how i wish i had more money saved right now.


For Sale: Potential Ecovillage/Organic/Sustainable Living Learning


[online listing & more info: http://www.planetfriendly.net/sunrun/ ]

[plus related links and resources, below - ed]

Date posted to GoodWork: Sep 17, 2004

Location: near Cameron, Ontario, Canada

FOR SALE - 50 acre property with zoning that allows for

further development as an education centre. Cdn $255,000.

Fifteen years ago this beautiful property began operating as

Sun Run Centre for Sustainable Living and later also became

designated as an Ecovillage Training Center. The property

includes 15 scenic acres of fertile organic gardens, pasture

and hayfields, along with cedar and mixed hardwood bush.

It is about 90 minutes northeast of Toronto (15 mins north

of Lindsay).


House: Two-story, 2,450 square foot house (half log

construction built Circa 1860 and renovated in 1989; other

half passive solar frame built in 1993); large country

kitchen, pantry, two common rooms, five bedrooms,

office, 2 1/2 baths, other areas; two basements (one utility

and one with freezers, bulk food storage and a root cellar);

large sun/mud room, wrap-around deck.

The fully electrified house is not connected to the electric

grid, but is powered by 24 solar roof panels, wind

generator, propane-fueled backup generator, and a large

bank of storage batteries capable of storing 3 to 5 days

worth of electricity. It is a very reliable system; no power

brown or blackouts in 15 years.

Heating: propane-fired forced-air furnace, or 2 wood stoves;

solar gain, extensive insulation, windows with 3 - 4 panes.

Other Buildings: Small barn/tractor shed, utility sheds,

summer house used for training workshops, cob cottage,

greenhouse, and more.

Equipment: On-site electrical power generating system,

energy-efficient Sunfrost refrigerator and two Sunfrost

freezers, propane kitchen stove, Mita photocopier, Massey

Ferguson 42 hp tractor, Ford 8N tractor/loader, haying

equipment, bush hog, blade, plow/disc/harrows, 7-foot

snowblower, rototiller, table saw, garden and hand tools,

and more depending on the buyer's interests.


Two parcels, 47.5 acres with special zoning and a 2.5 acre

building lot on the southwest corner. The large parcel is

zoned as an "agricultural education centre," which allows

for the immediate development of a "400 square metre (4252

square feet) educational centre," and later development of

"accessory buildings and structures, which may include

greenhouses, demonstration structures for alternative

building techniques and additional training and boarding

facilities." The zoning appears to allow for a wide range

of future development possibilities.


This is a beautiful property with a successful history of

self-sufficient living plus public workshops, internships

and educational programs. Its unique and hard-to-get zoning,

prime southern Ontario location, and excellent community

relations give it enormous potential for further success and


SELLING due to age and health problems and the desire

to see this excellent property continue and expand its

value in helping others live sustainably.


Milton or Barbara Wallace, 459 Country Lane,

Cameron, Ontario, Canada K0M 1G0

Tel. 705-887-1553

Email: sunrun@lindsaycomp.on.ca


Please tell them you saw it at GoodWork Canada


[GoodWork Editor adds...

SunRun Pictures, Articles, Links, Updates:


Updates or corrections to the above will also appear here:


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exactly...dreaming...it would be a lot of work that's for sure. oh but wouldn't it be nice to do cob workshops and the like and then also do services for people? Like i do iridology and nutrition and eventually i will be an herbalist and don't you do reflexology sunshine?? Get a bunch of like-minded and talented folks together and run this thing...

ohhhhh dreamin'

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i had my real estate agent looking for me and he could find 50 acres with in 2 hours of toronto for under 60 000 every time, with houses and barns,, property with lake access or a stream or a river was generaly around 2000 and up per acre

thats basically saying that your paying like 50 000 g for that land and 200 000 for an old house, a 500 cob cottage, and some other stuff

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don't know man, my folk's house on the east mountain in hamilton ain't the nicest in the world and it lists for over 150,000 with no land besides a front and back yard

guess you'd have to see what the house is like, if they've been holding workshops, etc there you'd imagine its in pretty nice shape and there's a fair amount of places for people to sleep... sounds like its an upscale frontier town-like setup, which I'd say is a good price for that sorta thing

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it just depends on where it is, i was looking at 200 acres with a barn, and 2 winterized cottages, just out side of bancroft. it had 2000 feet river acess, and a pond,, the whole place was going for 75 000 and it was sourounded by i think 1000 acres of crown land

so like i said it guesss it jsut depends on where you look. my guees would be the fact that it used to be used as a buniess and and had the potential to be used as a retreat or workshop center is probably influencing the price. they are probably trying to sell the busniees or whatever it is more then just the property.

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i see where you are comin from jared...i was lookin at it from a business possiblity and how there are so many extras...it costs tonnes to start up your own wind and solar so having that already set up is also a huge bonus.

Ahhhh well, can just dream right now. Best of luck to you though with your property searchin! ::

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