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  1. My parents gave me a weird name (Alexia--and I bet 90% of people who know me don't know my full name) and it really gets annoying when almost everyone fucks it up. I don't think it's even that hard to pronounce but apparently I'm wrong or people are fucking retarded. Even if my parents had gone for the more traditional Alexis or Alexandra it would have made life a bit less annoying. I go by Lex and I still get hassled over that. I often hear "that's a boy's name" or other asinine comments. There's a lady at work who calls me Alexie which is a Russian dude's name. Seriously, go for a normal name. My recommendation: Jack-It's totally versatile.
  2. bokonon

    Advice Wanted

    So at this exact second I'm dicking around at a job I hate and wondering how I can make an exit. I just got a call from the library I really want to work at and I'm hired. (Woo Hoo!) But I am supposed to work at the forementioned crappy job until nine tonight. I sooooooo don't want to be here. Please help me make an exit. Oh yes...the other people I'm scheduled with for the rest of the night I actually like.....not so much can be said for the rest of the staff.....Maybe I should just man up for the remaining two hours and nine minutes. I dunno.....thoughts?
  3. Here Princess! Come here you little shit! .....mmmmmm fava beans and chianti!
  4. If your iphone is "locked" (meaning it only knows how to read sim cards from the carrier that originally sold the phone) it will not read your Rogers SIM. For example, it you have a Nextel iphone it might not read a Rogers SIM.
  5. sweet< i've been looking for a good new cookbook that inculdes some meat and a new gardening book.
  6. Did they let you vote?
  7. Oh yeah....regarding the conservative stereotype...I work in retail (aka i'm broke as fuck!) and I'm an atheist.
  8. I think I love you. Wanna high five in public? ....actually, I'll do anything in public!
  9. Out of curiosity, how many people here have read all of the platforms?
  10. I think the people who feel they are entitled to part of what I earn are also shitting on Vonnegut's and Marley's philosophies. You have an obligation to contribute to the world, not leach off it. You have an obligation to be a good person and not rip other people off or take food out of their mouths. In short, everyone has a right to live and an obligation to contribute. The first pillar of love (as in One Love) is respect. How can you respect yourself or anyone else if all you want to do is leach off of others. I think I have a better understanding of individualism and responsibility than a lot of people.
  11. Yes, artist's work increases in value after they're dead. This is a known fact. If you want lots of money while you're alive then pick another career.
  12. Oh, and as for the attack ads... I don't have a TV, (I can't afford one nor the service for it, but my neighbours on welfare have cable) I've never seen them.
  13. way to misinterpret what I wrote! Yes, people have the right to live, yes we should have a safety net for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. No, people should not be guarunteed the basics in life without trying. If you are able to work go work get off your ass and do it. I don't care if you're a poet or a painter or whatever. If you're good at being an artist then people will pay for your work, just like any other occupation. If people do not value your work then you need to find other work to support yourself.
  14. You bet yer ass i did. I'm ignoring the sarcasm.
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