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PETER ELKAS w/ Gav+Jeff of BNB in Mntrl & Kngstn


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September 30 - Petit Cafe Campus - Montreal - on @ 10:30

October 1 - The Grad Club - Kingston

Gav and I (along with The Professor on bass) will be backing former Local Rabbit PETER ELKAS for these two upcoming dates. Pete's a fantastic songwriter currently supporting his new CD 'Party of One'. The show is definately worth seeing and the cd is DEFINATELY worth buying... check out some music at www.peterelkas.com.


eye weekly writes this about pete's cd



Party of One - MapleMusic/Universal

Four Stars

For the record, Peter Elkas was rockin' the shaggy-hair/beardo JC look well before his buddy Sam Roberts. But if the mistaken identity means the former Local Rabbit moves a few extra units of this superb solo release, more power to him -- these days, albums as sweetly unassuming and proudly out of time as Party of One (an expanded version of Elkas' 2003 EP) need to take advantage of all the accidental marketing ploys they can get. However, in a perfect world -- or rather one where it's still the summer of '75 -- Elkas' intimate soul-rockers would be ruling AM airwaves and wooing housewives on their own terms. In fact, Elkas is so good at playing casual and congenial that it takes a few listens to realize his familiar classic-rock quotes -- Neil's "Down by the River" on the title track; Springsteen's "10th Avenue Freeze Out" on "Gone, It's Gone"; early Little Feat on "Build a Harmony" -- conceal thoughts of uncertainty: broken relationships, fear of aging and wondering if you're going to spend the rest of your life working at a call centre. Party of One is an album of soothing slow jams -- not for getting jiggy, but for feeling jaded. SB

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