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If you're looking for a job in the NGO sector, hree's pitch for Charity Village. Many already know about but just in case you don't: www.charityvillage.com.

You can sign up to get emails delivered with jobs in a particular sector, field, city or combination. Here's some from the most recent:

United Nations Association in Canada: Project Officer- Model United

Nations Programme/Agent/e de projet - Programme de simulation des Nations



Pro Bono Law Ontario: VLS - Project Director


Parkdale Community Health Centre: Part-Time Project Coordinator -

Creative Art


University of Toronto: Relationship Manager, Commerce Career

Development Centre


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THanks for this link eh, its exactly what I need right now! Are you on the job hunt right now Ahess? I just applied for a job with Ptbo Green Up working with the federal EnerGuide for Homes program. (In the meantime, I just started a pool construction job.. and i'm f'n tired out already!)

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what do you do there Ahess? I'm looking to get back into the Canadian job market in the next few months, preferably in the field of Education and Development. I've been working on training in climate change for the last year and a half or so.

Another good place to look is on the goodwork mailing list (through yahoogroups). Tons of good enviro-related jobs, mainly in Ontario and BC.

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