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***UFP and BMM Present Warped Revolution Tour***


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U.F.Productions and Below Me Music


Warped Revolution



The Jimmy Swift Band

Brothers Past

On December 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2004 U.F.Productions and Below Me Music are producing one of the largest independently run three-day concerts series to Atlantic Canada. This Premier event will blend together the unbelievable turntabelist skills of Kid Koala (Montreal) and the live electronic sty lings of The Jimmy Swift Band (Halifax) and Brothers Past (Philadelphia).

Dec 2nd

The Oasis Club Saint John

Dec 3rd

The Oxygen Moncton

Dec 4th

The Marquee Club Halifax

Ticket info soon!!!






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Here's a list of kid's commercial releases, there some crazy stuff in there.


Some of My Best Friends are DJs - 2003 Ninja Tune

Nufonia Must Fall - 2003 ECW Press

Bullfrog - 2001 Ropeadope Records

"Prelude and the Kiss" (from the paperback movie "Nufonia Must Fall") Freezone 7 - 2001 Crammed Discs

" Third World Lover" with Dynomite D Bombay II: Electric Vindaloo - 2001 Motel Records

Lovage with Dan the Automator, Mike Patton and Jennifer Charles - 2001 75 Ark

Gorrillaz with Dan the Automator and Damon Albarn - 2001 75 Ark

Bullfrog EP Part 2 - 2001 Independent

Bullfrog EP Part 1 - 2000 Independent

Deltron 3030 with Dan the Automator and Del the Funkee Homosapien - 2000 75 Ark

"Drunk Trumpet" (live at the Metro, Chicago) Xen Cuts - 2000 Ninja Tune

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - 2000 Ninja Tune

Emperor¹s Main Course - 2000 Ninja Tune

Handsome Boy Modelling School with Dan the Automator and Prince Paul - 1999 Tommy Boy Music

"Tale of Five Cities" Peanut Butter Wolf¹s My Vinyl Weighs a Ton - 1998 Stones Throw Music

Bullfrog 7" - 1998 Independent

"Push the Button" and "Insects Are Around Us" live versions from Mark on the Mic (Money Mark Live) - 1998 Mowax/ Toys Factory Japan

"Vad Forgive Me" remix of Vad. USSR Reconstruction - 1998 Ninja Tune

"Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" with Money Mark Funkungfusion - 1998 Ninja Tune

Scratchappyland - 1997 Ninja Tune

"More Beats and Pieces" remix of Coldcut Beats and Pieces - 1997 Ninja Tune

Scratchcratchratchatch - 1996 mixtape

"Static¹s Waltz" Return of the DJ Vol. 2 - 1996 bomb Hip Hop Recordings

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