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Mike is 'L' Cool - Anyone read this at PT?


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Fresh off successful New Year's Eve shows all around (The Disco Biscuits at The Hammerstein Ballroom, The New Deal at Revolution Hall in Troy, and The Trio at BB Kings), the L. Cool Trio made their debut New Year's Day...night at New York's Knitting Factory, with a special guest.

The band, made up of bassist Marc Brownstein, keyboardist Jaime Shields and drummer Joe Russo, has been an eagerly anticipated improvisational project for some time now. Noticebly absent from the lineup is a guitar player. Last night at New York's Knitting Factory, they got their guitar player, only it was Phish bassist Mike Gordon.

Mike joined the band, on a sunburst colored Languedoc guitar, for the second set and played on several funky/bluesy numbers.

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this was one of the funnest show I've ever seen. every musician and every fan were on such a happy go lucky vibe, that all you could do was shake your ass and have a good time.

Set 1 Topical let's get to know each other set. some technical difficulty made it hard for them to really get going.

set brake- every one is chillin' Gordon walks in "hey can I play guitar with you guys" sure. out the door he goes to his apartment next to the bar. gets his Languedoc guitar a few peddles and in a few minuets he's back stage warming up.

Set 2- sitting side stage i had a great view of the show. the band locked in right away, Russo child down a little, Jamie & mark picked it up a little and Gordon just fit right in. he plays the guitar like a bass as you would expect.

after the show chilling side stage Gordon is as you would expect. shy, quite and very chill.

this was a very fun and cool show. i feel like i should say I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

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