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Booty Juice update...


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I saw this posted on Jamhub... I don't know how reliable this is, so take it for what it's worth...

"Hey all.

I regret to inform you all that the upcoming Booty Juice Canadian tour will not be happening. There has been a mishap with Canadian immigration and the band was not approved to enter Canada. On behalf of the band and myself I apoligize and we will do our damndest to get this band back up here asap.

There have been some posts on other message boards blaming the band for not taking care of the situation correctly - not the case at all. We were under the impression that all details were taken care of but turns out......this was not the case...... This is sh!tty.....for everyone....

Thanks kindly for supporting live music.


Too bad for those looking forward to these shows...

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I just talked to Zach Lucas, from Booty Juice and he appologizes for the dissapointment. They promised to make it up to us, with a properly arranged tour some time in March/April... I look forward to having them!

They were under the assumption that it was all going to work out... but unfortunately the whole band has been turned away at the boarder, they are now back in NY.

I have a pile of Booty Juice CDs; Discharge, a live sampler and T-shirts that they mailed me, if there is anyone who wants any please contact me.


I was going to keep this under my hat, I know a lot of work has gone into this tour. I hope that there is still a great turn out for DD in Hamilton.

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