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Giv'er On the Mountain....


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So the Hux west coast aramageddon tour continues (mudslides, rain, etc), I'm here in Whistler with Stn Mtn (he's making pancakes), pretty wet conditions, "record high temperatures" but gonna go for an afternoon ski...

Yet more skank hospitality in action - coast to coast!!

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Just want to thank Stn Mtn (and of course the lovely K) again for the fine time in Whistler!

New Monsoon Band was awesome on Sat night in Vancouver, highly recommended, the bones were tired from skiing, but a few scotches and I was back at 100% to cap off what was a great week out west.

Great to meet another fellow skank, one who is truly livin' the dream!! :)

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Well, either "livin' the dream" or just too sedated most of the time to notice the difference... ;)

Just so you are all aware, though, Hux is one crazy party animal. To make a long story short, I'll just say: "Hux, don't worry about the 'mishap'. I spoke to the local cops, and as long as you return the missing platypus no charges will be laid..." ::

Come back any time brotha!

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