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Trailer Park Boys @ Izzys


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This was my 4th CTMF this past 24weekend, and have gotten to know "Lanny" quite well. I'm sure most of you have gotten to know him quite well..hahaha.. he is the "president" as him and the other seasonal campers call him. He looks identical to Lanny Mcdonald! Anyway "Lanny" is the coolest cat Izzy's has ever seen...he is the best..told me the producer of the trailer park boys was there eariler in the season before this last CTMF and bumped into "Lanny" at 8:00am as Lanny was steppin outta his trailer in nothing but a pair of overhauls crackin a beer. They got talkin' and he wanted Lanny in an episode. Who knows if this is really gonna happen...but I hope it does... maybe we should start emailin the boyz and convince them to shoot during the next CTMF!

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