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OTTAWA ~ FEB 1st - FERTILE GROUND w/ Mr.SomethingX2

Jay Funk Dawg

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Baltimore soul-jazz legends FERTILE GROUND warming up Ottawa!

Wed. Feb. 1 @ Babylon

ComPosition Artist & Experience Marketing, Brownman Music, Inc. and NuFunk.ca

Proudly present the heavyweights of independent music...



Live in Ottawa – Wednesday, February 1 @ 9 PM

@ Babylon Nightclub / www.babylonclub.ca

317 Bank St .


with MR. SOMETHING SOMETHING feat. special guest BROWNMAN

www.mr.somethingsomething.com / www.brownman.com

& DJ Chocolate / CKLN 88.1 'Harmonic Convergence / www.scratchfree.ca


ComPosition Artist & Experience Marketing is pleased to present a capital 'p' live music PARTY, featuring Baltimore underground jazz/soul legends FERTILE GROUND . This world-renowned 7-piece powerhouse hits our nation's capital Wednesday, February 1 at Babylon Nightclub (317 Bank St .)

One of the most respected and conscious American ensembles of its kind of the last 25 years, Fertile Ground has previous seduced Ontario music lovers in 2004 at Harbourfront's Beats, Breaks and Culture; and in 2001 at Una Mas for their legendary Downtown Jazz Festival show. Featuring the husband-and-wife team of visionary bandleader James Collins and ultra-magnetic singer Navasha Daya (with NYC drum legend Mark Prince of Steve Coleman's M-base Collective) the vibe of a Fertile Ground room goes beyond great music to a place of joy and transcendence.

Getting the party started will be Canada 's hottest Afrofunk band MR. SOMETHING SOMETHING and special guest NICK "BROWNMAN" ALI, the multiple award-winning Canadian trumpet icon. The SumSums' primal, no-holds-barred party vibe has made them a favourite around the country, and they have recently been climbing the Canadian campus radio charts with their second full-length CD The Edge. Also joining the fun is Toronto female DJ pioneer and impresaria DJ Chocolate of CKLN 88.1.

A portion of proceeds from this special concert will be donated to The Meal Exchange . Since 1993, this organization has helped students on 45 campuses across Canada facilitate the student donation of over 378,000 meals to address local hunger. We are proud to support such a worthy cause in light of the rising tuitions and housing costs that are compromising the learning and living experiences for so many students in Toronto and everywhere. For more info on our charitable partner, please visit: www.mealexchange.com


Fertile Ground Live in Toronto

Friday, January 27 @ The El Mocambo Upstairs

w/Brownman & GRUVASYLUM (gruvasylum.brownman.com)

Fertile Ground Live in Hamilton

Saturday, January 28 @ Pepperjacks Café

Fertile Ground Live in Peterborough

Monday, January 30 @ The Legendary Red Dog

w/MR. SOMETHING SOMETHING feat. Brownman ( www.mrsomethingsomething.com)


"Most people don't gravitate to things that are different in music, so it was very touching that so many have been drawn to us. Some people have said it's food for the soul. I definitely feel that the energy of the live instruments and the lyrics have affected their spirit." ~ Navasha Daya, lead singer

Suddenly the sound of crisp horns, a gritty guitar, polyrhythmic percussion, and a soul-stirring keyboard sail out in balance to the tightly knitted community of music enthusiasts and underground connoisseurs that have become Fertile Ground's audience. Shortly after, the lead vocalist, Navasha Daya appears, reminiscent of some sort of ceremonial queen, and her cosmic stage presence sends the audience cheering and eventually transports them from swaying into all out dancing. Tonight is magical, but it is not out of the ordinary. Fertile Ground has repeated this feat at venues all over the world.

This once-humble Baltimore-based jazz trio has evolved into a 7-piece international powerhouse performing 50-80 shows a year, ranging from sold-out clubs to large stadium festivals. They have hypnotized music lovers at the Jazz Café in London, The Blue Note in Tokyo, B.B. King's in NYC, The Dusable Museum in Chicago , Pier Six in Baltimore, and Blues Alley in D.C. Each of their shows is an opportunity to not only convert people into Fertile Ground fans, but also to renew a dying faith in the power of live music

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Are they cool with being taped? I haven't contacted them (yet), but if you have a contact within the band, I'd appreciated it if you could check. I'd be able to get a copy back to the band, and from there, what happens to/with it is up to them (so if they decide they don't want anybody else to have it, I won't give it out).



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