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Old Tom Waits interview


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Alrighty then. Or you could give me an answer and then I'll ask you a question about it.

OK. The United States uses 70 million tons of cement every year, approximately one fifth of the cement used throughout the entire world annually. Think about it. 70 million tons of concrete.

So my question is, how do you relate your own creative output to the cement output of the United States?

I just answered that!


Thanks Luke.

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I heard second hand that while it seems like they were being jovial early in the interview apparently it was really fucking tense. Like no laughing matter.

At some point you can see (or hear) he gets Waits on board. Largely through humour, perserverance and lacing his dialogue with Waits quotes (flattery- which you wouldn't think Waits was susceptible to).

I like the gender relations question.

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