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Apostle of Hustle news is in.


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From the A&C sites:


National Anthem of Nowhere

The Naked & Alone

Haul Away

Cheap Like Sebastien


Chances Are

A Rent Boy Goes Down

Fast Pony for Victor Jara

Justine, Beckoning

Jimmy Scott is the Answer


Release Date: February 6, 2007

'National Anthem of Nowhere’ is for everyone who feels that they have no voice or can’t be heard. They hear this title and something stirs inside them. Then they hear this song and they feel that they “know†it. They meet strangers in nowhere places and will never forget those meetings. They wander out into the suburban, in-between zones and there they are welcomed.

You can download the new track 'My Sword Hand's Anger' at the new Apostle site. This song doesn't appear to be on the album (??). I don't have listening capabilities on this computer so I can't comment on it just yet.

I've been looking forward to this one! A friend of mine who works for A&C says that its a much more upbeat album than Folkloric Feel.

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