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I Feel Bad - Kirsten Dunst


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Maybe we should have a Celebrity Forum but in keeping with MarcO's tradition that began yesterday, here is something that made me laugh because I am a horrible person:

If her pale sickly, vampire body and mangled teeth weren't enough to make you burn with the heat of passion, Kirsten Dunst now has something that is sure to heat things up. The new CDSA is a powerful new sexy aphrodisi....wait, hang on. I think I read that wrong...yep, you know what? Yeah, I did, because CDSA isn't sexy at all. Specifically, it's Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis - "an advanced noninvasive diagnostic tool that can help practitioners improve prevention and target treatment strategies for gastrointestinal disorders." Seriously. It's official: The only way Kirsten Dunst could get any more repulsive is if she teleported with a fly.


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