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Dec. 27 great shows (Elizabeth Shepherd)


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People were talking about the Spades show at the Cameron house tonight. But I'd say that Elizabeth Shepherd (w. DJ John Kong) at the Supermarket (268 Augusta in Kensington I believe) for FREE looks the best. Not sure why people haven't supported her much she seems like a real phenom and the group is good and the connection to Movement DJ's and producers better.

Then you've got QR5 at College Street Bar, 574 College too. That's all I found so far.

Any takers?

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Imagine a cold winter night in Toronto, walking past a small jazz club, when you catch through the folds of your scarf the warm deep grooves of a jazz trio playing to an intimate crowd. Welcome to the scene a fresh new sound from singer/songwriter Elizabeth Shepherd.

There are times when something new comes along at once familiar and yet completely original. The album ‘Start to Move’ from the Elizabeth Shepherd Trio is just that. But what’s more she has added her own unique blend of jazz-funk, soul, blues, and samba to the fundamentals of Jazz – improvising a deep driving bass from Scott Kemp, the swinging beat of the drum from Colin Kingsmore, and Elizabeth’s playful piano and captivating voice to tie it all together. Recorded over the winter of 2005/2006, you can feel yourself with them, locked away in a small studio, protected from the cold winter night, pushing through track after track for that deep warm sound.

Elizabeth strives to push the boundaries of what is considered conventional jazz to create a sound all her own. Raised by ministers of the Salvation Army Brass Band, an early exposure to the brass band sounds of the Army Band mixed with her love for house, disco, classical and hip hop, to lay the foundations of a soulful musician. Having trained extensively in conservatories from Alberta to France, and completing a degree in music from McGill University in Montreal, Elizabeth has emerged onto the Toronto jazz scene where she has already established herself as someone to be watched. Playing in some of Toronto’s most popular spots, the Rex Hotel, the Montreal Bistro, Supermarket, and the Distillery District, and has grace the stages from around the world including London UK's Jazz Cafe twice in one year!. She has also appeared on numerous 'Live in Session' including Gilles Peterson's Worldwide show on BBC Radio 1 UK, and Matt Galloway's Here And Now show on CBC Radio One Toronto. As far as being a “jazz performerâ€, Elizabeth does not count herself as one to be defined by a particular genre; her music comes straight from the soul, and is more than just what she does, but what she loves.

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I'll be at the The Spades too.. I've been waiting to see them play again for way too long now. Although that gig sounds interesting! I haven't heard of her but I'll watch out. I wonder how late it goes til...? With THe Spades finished by Midnight, there's probably time to squeeze in something else too. Don't forget Crazy Strings!

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