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Daft Punk not as original as you think

The Chameleon

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Well I have know about some of these samples sources before and long known Daft Punk is largely sample based. It is still very telling to know the best parts of this electro duo are not written by them at all.

I still like Daft Punk and as a collector of rare beats myself, I give them props for finding some killer rare samples.....

here it is, these disco and funk tunes are killer all by themselves, as is generally the case in sampling...

Daft Punk Sample Secrets

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ah the snitch disc. Really though, this statement makes any 'sample-based' music unoriginal, which is definitely not the case...The complete DJ Shadow 'Endtroducing' snitch disc is on the net, all 140 songs the samples came from....who cares? It had to come from somewhere right? If not, then why pay attention to anything with a sampled hook or killer intro/loop?

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