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Dave Myles & the International Songwriting Competition


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Has anyone heard David Myles? He's a singer-songwriter from Halifax, a friend of a friend, and his song "When It Comes My Turn" has been put into the final selections for an International Songwriting Competition.. The coolest part is the judges who judge the songs for the final round: Brian Wilson, Tom Waits, Jerry Lee Lewis and Robert Smith (The Cure)!!!! To have such heavyweights have a critical listen to your tune is victory enough!

Anyway, aside from the competition there's also a "people's voice" category that is open to the public.. Cast your vote (hopefully for David Myles)!


Here's links to David Myles' sites:




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Hilarious to see this on here. David's been a good friend of mine for years, going back to when we lived together in first year at Mount Allison (in NB).

Anyway, the whole album is pretty great, but that tune is especially well done and falls into the "catchy with integrity" category. The disc is out in my car now, but I'll upload the tune tomorrow.

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You can hear that tune (and others) on his myspace page too.

Yeah I haven't met Dave but I've made friends with a lot of Fredricton folks here in Korea and they all seem to know him. Also we're fellow members of an underground society of leisure enthusiasts (QSLS).

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