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NHL skill level these days


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Seriously boys. I am amazed at what I consistently see from players these days. Shit like cross ice passes through the air at mid knee level being brought down in stride on a regular basis is the norm.

What these cats are doing at breakneck speed is making me shake my head every game.

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Guest Low Roller

I watched a Penguins game on Google Video yesterday. They were playing the Flyers, and on that night Crosby got 6 points. It was incredible to watch him play. Him and Recchi work so well together. Crosby's determination and stickhandling is outright scary.

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Not to mention how well the young'ns aside from Crosby are all playing. Shit, imagine being Anaheim and having Getzlaf and Perry? Fuck, those dudes no how to handle a puck. Jordan Stall leads the league in shooting percentage too. I cant remember a time when so many cant miss prospects actually couldnt miss.

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