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Chameleon Project on St. Patties?


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I just heard something about this but it's not on your website or your MySpace page. Definitely still in the market for something to do tomorow, so, if anyone has any more specific details, that would be great.

Chameleon, you may be able to help? ;)

Hi there. Yes the rumour is bunk. Sorry we are not playing on today (March 17th).

We are playing a week today March 24th at the Elmocambo with drum & bass phenom KJ Sawka.

I suggest you come out next week as it will be a barn burner and we will be doing an exclusively breaks and rum & bass show.

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Nelly who?

this Nelly?....


Haha, just kidding. And pre-tell where was Nelly saying this rumored Chameleon Project show would be?

Just hold the line one more week and come out to te ELmo.

The Good news is after the Elmocambo gig The Chameleon Project will be finishing up our new album and then touring a bunch in Ontario, the East coast and the US.

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