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Rob Szabo, Peter Katz this Sunday at Pepper Jack's


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This Sunday, Sunday, Sunday (to voice of monster truck comercial guy)

Rob Szabo



Peter Katz


~Sunday, Mar. 25th~ Rob Szabo Band, Peter Katz





8pm sharp!



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people really should... Rob Szabo was the frontman of Plasticine & The Groove Daddy's amongst others

Rob tours across North America in his beat up ‘89 Dodge whose odometer he recently pushed past 450 000 kms(281 250 miles). He plays well over 100 dates a year in Canada and the U.S., from Toronto to Vancouver to the Alaska Highway, from San Francisco to New York City to Washington D.C. and everywhere in between. His live shows are garnering him an increasingly devoted fanbase of hardcore music lovers who often travel great distances to see him play in person. His fans always mention Rob’s ever-present wry smile, and how he makes you feel like you’re in on a shared secret.

That secret is becoming less of a secret now since his new CD/DVD “Like A Metaphor†(2006) is becoming a sleeper hit: Canada’s CBC radio has been playing it regularly on shows nationwide. The animated video for the lead single “Breaking Even†has been getting major airplay on Much More Music and the arts network Bravo!(currently #2!), and the single has been getting spins nation-wide everywhere from Campus to Commercial radio. The CD has garnered rave reviews from the music press, both in his native Canada and the U.S., where he’s been called “Cobain-worthyâ€.


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