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Joujouka - Morocco's legendary trance music


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while looking about for a fitting avatar for my current flavor, bumped into this website dedicated to The Master Musicians of Joujouka

as I've been enjoying reading through it, thought I'd pass it along

The Master Musicians of Joujouka are legendary Sufi trance masters from North Morocco. They have been associated with Beat Generation writers Paul Bowles and William Burroughs and the painters Mohammed Hamri and Brion Gysin. Their first album was produced in 1968 by Rolling Stones founder and lead guitarist Brian Jones and is commonly regarded as the first “World Music†album.

The Master Musicians have collaborated, performed and recorded with artists as diverse as Ornette Coleman, Marianne Faithfull, Scanner, Lee Renaldo and Bill Laswell. The musicians prefer to live and play near the sanctuary of their saint, Sidi Achmed Shiech, and rarely perform outside Morocco.

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