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Need help moving.


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Hey folks. Matt and I are in a little rut. We're moving into a new place sunday afternoon, and we thought we were going to be able to move Saturday, but things changed so the help of movers we thought we'd have has diminished. If anyone is in the Ottawa area and has a few free extra hours and a few helpful muscles, it would be so much appreciated. I'm even willing to kiss your feet. Haha. We will supply booze and eats for ya'll, and it will be for a minimum of a few hours, from like 12:00 - 3:00 ish as we have to have the rental truck back by then. We're moving right on Somerset, just past Booth, near Preston so it's central location.

Thanks in advance, you guys rock.


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Yeah Sunday afternoon. from 12:00 to roughly 3:00 Also, I will note that there isn't much actual furniture, just a couple futon matresses, and some small night tables. The majority is just boxes. I should mention there is about 3 flights of stairs to climb, but with just boxes it's not so bad. Everything will already be there in the truck, so theres no moving from one apt to the next, it's just from the truck to apt.

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