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NewRider & Nellie step into the FUTURE!


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nothing like watching video on a 2 inch screen.

there is nothing like it when you've got to kill time on a plane or in a car or bus.

Do you HAVE to use iTunes to music on these mofo's or what?

There are apps out there that hackers made to use your iPod without having to use Apple product. I've been using iTunes for a few years now and it's the best music software I've ever used. There are some quirks, like any software that you may have to live with or get around, but nothign that will ruin your experience.

For one thing, when I try and drag music into my library, it seems that sometimes I can't drag more than 7 files at once, but other times I've been able to drag an entire folder's contents. I don't get the rules there.

To get up and running fast and easy, you basically just need to setup iTunes and plug in your iPod. Don't forget to get a magnifying glass when it asks for your serial number.

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