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Magnolia Electric Company in Toronto tonight


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Anybody else headed down to Lee's tonight? This band is awesome in a Neil Young & Crazy Horse way. Advance tickets were $13.50 so I'd expect a $15 door charge but I'm telling you, rock and roll fans, they're worth it. I've gone to see them twice already knowing a small portion of their catalogue and been very impressed. Furthermore, Pitchfork photos indicate that Molina is sporting a hell of a mustache lately.

They're on at midnight, and the Watson Twins - who are also great - are on at 11.




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Funny I was just about to put a post up about this one. Not expecting it to rock out too hard but I really love their music. Should be fun. If anyone is feeling spendy, they just came out with a really cool 5 disc box set with various studio sessions(the Sun Session is killer but short) and a DVD which will no doubt be available at the show.

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Kev-O I think this will be directly up your alley! They can be laid-back at times (but not in a Dead way...more in a Neil way) but it can also be loud and rocking too (but more in a Rust Never Sleeps way than a Ragged Glory way).

Molina used to release records under the moniker Songs:Ohia. From the mid-90's until 2003 he released something like 9 records under that name. The last Songs:Ohia record was called Magnolia Electric Co., and he continued under that name thereafter (it's really the collective name of the band I suppose). Between 2003 and 2006 they released 4 albums and an EP, and Molina pressed two solo records and a solo 7". He has always been known for writing a ton of music, even more than Secretly Canadian (his label) could release - so at the top of this tour they released a 4CD/1DVD boxed set called Sojourner to cover a bunch of material that hasn't yet been released.

The point, though, is that I personally only own the first MEC record and so I'm not particularly familiar with the material they play live these days (there's so much to draw from after all). But I've seen them twice already with very little knowledge of the rest of the catalogue and I've really enjoyed it.

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I've been looking forward to this for a looonnng time.Not happy to miss Black Mountain..who I also really like..but MEC has never disappointed me yet.

The Songs:Ohia catalogue is phenomenal..the band lineup in thosedays changed quite alot with Jason Molina being pretty much the only stable member.The change to MEC had a change in sound( the heartland rock and roll,Neil Young and Crazy Horse vibe The Good Rev mentioned)but also stabilized the band lineup.There is a Songs: Ohia Ep with My Morning Jacket..forget the name.One with Will Oldham too I think.

Jason's solo work is also worth checking out.

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Wow, great show tonight. First time I've actually known more than one or two songs; I recognized Dark Don't Hide It, Hammer Down, Talk to Me Devil, Just Be Simple, and Farewell Transmission (!). I was surprised to hear selections from first album at all. Different bass player on this tour and for the last half of the show he moved over to pedal steel and they brought out the Watson Twins' bass player to finish the set. Good times!

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