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THE ELASTOCITIZENS Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto October 6 2007


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The Elastocitizens are a ten-piece old-school funk band. You can tell that they're still in their formative years, but they've got a full, (usually) tight sound. They played at Toronto's ("legendary") Horseshoe Tavern on Queen West.

They're a fun band to watch. Steve aka The Grand Poobah runs the show. He changes from fringey western suit to bright red suit (a la Reverend Horton Heat) to a skin tight shirt to no shirt at all... He's a wild man and a good vocalist.

The band also consists of three female backup vocalists, dressed in sequen dresses and bow-ties who do synchronized dancing, a great guitarist, a rumbling bassist, and some jazzy/funky horns.

The show got off to a late start. The first opening band played for two straight hours, and by the time the (horrible) second opener finished, The Elastocitizens didn't hit the stage until 12:40. They played right through to 2:00 though, and it was fun.

The encore involved a friend of the band (who I understand is part of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra) coming up and jamming with his flute. That was definitely the highlight of the show, and well worth the price of admission on its own.

I think these guys have a lot of developing to do, but they have the potential to go far. They're releasing their first full-length CD at a "party" on November 1, and they already have a live disc available. (I look forward to listening to the copy I just bought.)

Go check them out at their CD release party. You'll have fun.

Some good funk fo' yo' face!

Quote of the Day:

My friend has Tourette's. He can't help it. I swear!

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Thanks Corey, Jason (bass) and Steve (vox) as well as a couple of the singers went to elementary and high school with me. They're playing montreal on my birthday next week so I'm psyched to party with them all at the Sala Rossa! Should be good times.

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