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Another Toe-Tapping Republican Caught In Sting

Kanada Kev

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Another One!!??!!


Another Toe-Tapping Republican Caught In Sting - Ends Senate Bid

By: Logan Murphy on Monday, October 8th, 2007 at 10:46 AM - PDT

Via Down With Tyranny:

Another Republican elected official– a pal of David Diapers Vitter no less– caught toe-tappin’ in the boys room! And he wants wanted to be a state senator too! Yesterday’s Times-Picayune painted another dismal picture of another Republican pervert who trawls from public restroom to public restroom looking for… love? Well, looking for something. Joey DiFatta is the chairman of St. Bernard Parish Council and a prominent Republican leader (until 2004 on the GOP state party Executive Committee). He just withdrew from his state senate race, after his arrests for lewd behavior in a public restroom were made public. Read more...

From the Times-Picayune article it appears DiFatta may have been Larry “Super Tuber†Craig’s mentor:

The report said DiFatta slid his foot into the deputy’s stall and tapped the deputy’s foot. In the report, Conley noted that such activity is common among men to indicate a willingness to participate in sex.

The deputy inside the stall, Detective Wayne Couvillion, responded by tapping his foot, and DiFatta reached under the partition and began to rub the deputy’s leg, the report states.

The detective asked DiFatta, “What do you want?†according to the report, and he replied, “I want to play with you.â€

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