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canon camera and printer

popo weenie

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I take it that you're looking at THIS?

Canon Powershots are good all around digital cameras. You're not going wrong there, but you could be getting more than you need to by purchasing a bundled printer too.

You could just buy the camera at the Futureshop for 169.99 HERE and get a 2 gig memory card HERE.

I don't think a compact printer is all that necessary. Printing photos isn't terribly expensive since you can print only what you want pretty much anywhere. I've used Futureshop's service and have been very happy. You just upload the photos that you want to print, and they'll either mail them to you, or you can pick them up in only a couple of days.

For $200, it is not a bad deal. Once you buy a printer, you're stuck buying replacement ink and whatever specialized paper that it may require. Also keep in mind that cameras come with a very small memory card so the first thing you'll need is a decent sized card too.

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i know a couple of people who've had canon digital cameras and have been very pleased with them. one friend has an older power shot, and Ive always thot it was a great camera.

bouche is right about the printer, though. its good for printing a few pics, but will turn into a hassle later on with costs of paper, ink, etc.. i cannot tell from the link, but if the printer is also a docking station (the interface that easily connects the camera to a computer, making uploading idiot-proof) then thats a very nice bonus and definately worth having.

edit to add: make sure you note if anything is called "refurbished" when comparing prices, since its essentially a used camera that has gone back to the factory for a tune-up.

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