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Ghosts of Brantford Festival


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I guess The Ford Plant couldn't get the bands together that they wanted for this years Murdered City Music Festival. So, they've replaced it with Ghosts of Brantford Festival! All shows are $5 except Sunday which is free.

fri oct 26th --

cuff the duke

rock plaza central

spiral beach

we're marching on

sat oct 27th --


dead love triangles

two more TBA

sun oct 28th -- free show!!!

the sourkeys (last show EVER)

the racoon wedding



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From the FP website:

after several months of dealing with booking agents and managers in hopes to bring what we think is the biggest and best names in canadian music to our annual murdered city music festival, we only had them cancel for bigger, more lucrative engagements.

in suffering this, we looked at ourselves and thought "why are we going through the humiliation and frustration of getting these bands, who probably wont even understand what we're trying to do at the ford plant in the first place?"

so this year we have decided to celebrate the bands that care about independent culture and send a fuck you to all the bands that said no to playing because of money or it simply not being worth their time.

what we've tried to do is bring bands with independent spirit and bands that play music to artistically share something with the community. nothing more.

some bands we all know and love, some bands you've never heard of... but all of them are wonderful and will blow us all away.

so we have decided not to do murdered city this year, and have brought you...


this year, from october 26th until the 28th we will celebrate music, independent culture and most of all, friendship.

there will be three full nights of bands, a halloween dance party, pumpkin carving, scary movies, costumes, candy, a guided tour of haunted hot spots in brantford, prizes and plenty more!

there may be a few shifts in the schedule but right now the bands are playing as followed:

oct. 26th-cuff the duke, rock plaza central, we're marching on, spiral beach

oct. 27th-uncut, dead love triangles (with two more to be announced in the next few days) and a late night monster mash dance party!

oct. 28th- (FREE SHOW!!) sourkeys last show ever!!!! w/ the racoon wedding, brigitte, arrows

saturday and sunday there will be daytime shows with bands playing in haunted parts of downtown!!!!

in the coming days we will announce more bands and more festivities.

so find a costume, find your dance shoes, make room for candy and get ready to be haunted

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What a great weekend. Highlights for me included Spiral Beach (what a talented young band!), Rock Plaza Central (I'd been waiting to see this band for a year and it was worth the wait), The Ghost Is Dancing (big surprise of the weekend for me, I hadn't heard much but they put on a great set), The Bicycles and obviously Cuff The Duke. I didn't care much for Cuff The Duke's new album but the songs play off really well live.

All pics are by Kyle Rose..



Spiral Beach


Cuff The Duke


Cuff The Duke


The Ghost Is Dancing


The Ghost Is Dancing


Me with a pineapple


The Bicycles


The Bicycles

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