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Brad Richards


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I agree that the habs should have been after b-rich rather than hossa. I think he listed a bunch of teams that he would waive his clause for, and the habs unfortunately were not on that list. At the same time though there is a glaring need for a scoring winger on saku's line. Here's hoping the big newf rider can tear it up the rest of the season.

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Surprise, surprise, the island boys wanted to see Richards in Habsland.

Has that list been published or just rumoured Matty?

nice added bonus that he's from the sandbar, but he's proven his worth in the playoffs and he wasn't a rental. Good on him though. What a start in Dallas.

As for the list I don't think it was ever published and I have no idea where I read/heard it. :) Mutli-media brain freeze!!!

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