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Alternative power source for outdoor concert?

Large Marge

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I'd like to power the Tour de Greenbelt events without using fossil fuels wherever possible. I plan to contact SumKids and Bullfrog Power to find out how they do it. Does anyone have any other suggestion or contacts? Ideally I'd love to power things by pedal.. like that MMW show. Has anyone else seen that? Cheers!

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Margaret talk to Solera http://www.soleraenergies.com/

They are my sponsor and an absolutley fantastic bunch of people to work with.They sponsored GreenTOpia.

It largely depends on the scale of the event though.Solera has just built a prototype of a solar car that tows a solar "cart" into which everything can be plugged...but "everything" has it's limitations!!

Back up biofuel generators are kind of necessacary if the location is remote.

If the venue is ok with it you can switch to Bullfrog...then the electricity is 100% sourced from renewable resources.

P.S I just happen to have a meeting with them tommorrow afternoon in Liberty village, weather permitting, if you want to come along.

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lose yer shoes last year had a remote power source... i think it was a trailer loaded with batteries and inverters, recharged by solar during the day. unfortunately, i don't recall the provider.

offsetting is popular these days too. you can plant trees, or purchase carbon credits (but canada doesn't have a carbon credit trading market, so i don't think this is actually feasible in canada) to offset your emissions. i think this is pretty wishy washy though, reduction is far more important than offsetting. :)

good luck.

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You'll run into problems with any ONE alternative source powering anything but the smallest energy load.It seems it has to be a mix to cover off the issues pertinent to each individual type...like the solarcart.Atleast that's the conclusion I have arrived at!!

This is TOTALLY cool...but in the UK.Lets buy one!! http://www.fireflysolar.co.uk/

Carbon Offsets are a tricky issue.The industry is unregulated so problems can happen..best to go with a Gold Standard company...the offset company for the Jack Johnson event is for instance.There is a list of gold standard companies on the David Suzuki site.

I'm really leery of events that say they are green because they offset..but don't appear to have made solid infrastructure choices to reduce emissions.On the other hand...you can't eliminate everything and it's a credible way to reduce impact.

hey Mr.Q!!Long time...will you be around for DD this weekend?

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