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Non-panic post - THe Dead!


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Dead veterans happy to rock again for Obama

By Gary Graff Wed Jul 2, 5:25 AM ET

DETROIT (Billboard) - Barack Obama's presidential run might pay dividends for Deadheads this year.

Three of the Grateful Dead's surviving members -- Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart -- reunited for a February fundraiser for the Democratic contender in San Francisco, and Hart says it could happen again.

"We're not making plans, but I think we stand at the ready to be of service," Hart told Billboard.com. "We're all deeply into this, into Barack Obama and the thought of taking this country back in some shape or form, what's left of it -- it's probably one thing we can all agree on! So, you bet, I would spend a night with my brothers for that any time, any place."

Hart said he and the other Dead alumni have exchanged "a few friendly e-mails" about doing something more for the campaign.

The Grateful Dead formally broke up following the 1995 death of frontman Jerry Garcia, but the surviving members have remained active in various incarnations.

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