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NUFUNK Tribute to Peter Tosh : Sat. Oct. 11th @ El Mocambo w/HOUSE OF DAVID

Jay Funk Dawg

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http://www.nufunk.ca proudly presents...

"Another Peter Tosh Tribute"

House of David Gang

featuring: King Selah, Collin "Jahlin" Edwards, (of the Jimmy Cliff Band)

and Tanny Meadows

opening set by High Plains Drifter

featuring Jay Cleary

Hosted by Patrick Roots (CIUT 89.5 FM) "2008 Canadian Reggae Music Winner of the Peter Tosh Memorial Award"

plus very special guests

Rasta Reuben & Selassie I Power featuring Fredlocks Asher

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

El Mocambo

464 Spadina Ave.


Doors at 9:30 show at 10:00 pm - 2:00 am

Food Drive for Serving Charity

$10 at the door with caned food donation $15 without

Advance Tickets www.nufunk.ca

reserve tickets by emailing info@nufunk.ca

Facebook Event Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=26554829857&ref=ts






NUFUNK Concerts is proud to present Another Peter Tosh Tribute featuring an All-star line up of Canadian-Jamaican Musicians & Artists. A heartfelt tribute to the late great reggae pioneer will feature King Selah, Tanny Meadows and Empress Iniffa (from the Jimmy Cliff Band) backed by the House of David Gang, and joined by DJ Patrick Roots (CIUT 89.5FM) and Vancouver, BC based Rasta Reuben & Selassie I Power.


The tragic and premature death of Peter Tosh on September 11, 1987 has robbed the world of a great reggae artist and political activist. Peter Tosh was one of the most militant reggae recording artists, his name, face and songs stand as a symbol of inspiration to people around the world. PETER TOSH, BOB MARLEY, and BUNNY LIVINGSTONE were the co-founders of the greatest reggae group of all time "THE WAILERS."

As always, we are looking forward to your support on SATURDAY, the 11th Day Of October to celebrate the life and legacy a of true reggae legend. Non- perishable food donation will go towards the El Mocambo's in House Charity Serving Charity.


The House of David Gang


The House of David Gang is a Toronto-based reggae outfit that delivers late 70s and early 80s style Jamaican reggae originals mixed with folk, soul, calypso, afrobeat, hip hop as well as classic reggae material of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer.

Formed in Toronto over 15 years ago, the band is fronted by seasoned reggae veteran King Selah – a fixture of the Canadian Jamaican Reggae scene - and members have included members of Resinators, Irie Band, Explorer Band, Revelation, Selassie I Power, High Plains Drifter, Imagine Rainbow Warriors and many others.

At the young age 17, Desmond Anderson moved to Canada from his home in Portland, Jamaica. He was immediately taken in by the gospel community and sang for many years in church and festival choirs. Upon staring his own group which he called “Selahâ€, Desmond Anderson become the voice of a resurgence of a roots rock style in Toronto playing frequently at the Bambu, Lee’s Palace, and El Mocambo.

In 1988, two local bands, (Selah and Imagine Rainbow Warriors) merged together. Desmond became King Selah, the powerful lead vocalist with a heart of gold and the band was now called: “House of David Gang†- named after a Queen Street West house those very members shared and used to the host after-hour reggae parties 1988 -1995. Over several years many musicians have been a part of The House of David and the group played a key role in developing some of Toronto's top session and reggae players.

For the past 15 years King Selah and the House of David Gang have hosted the Toronto Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer Tributes which have helped bring spotlight Toronto's burgeoning roots rock reggae scene. Now with a new line-up the House of David Gang faithfully recreates the soulful and classic roots rock reggae sound (Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh). The band is a certifiable reggae orchestra; the band comprises multiple vocalists, horn players, guitars, keyboards and the rock-steady rhythm section of Collin "Jah-Lin" M. Edwards - (drums) and Uncledropsi (bass).


Rasta Reuben & Selassie I Power


As a child in Jamaica, Rasta Reuben wrote poetry and listened to music from his father's record collection. After moving to Canada, he joined the Toronto scene as a skilled bass player and vocalist with Selah Band, Imagine Rainbow Warriors, Ultra Flex, Ras Ivan, and Revelation with whom he performed in the 1990 Caribana Parade. In 1992 he formed Selassie I Power Band, the prescient roots rock reggae powerhouse that was to include two of his brothers Fredlocks on Keyboards and Uncledropsi on bass. Reuben took centre stage with the new band, singing his words in the compelling voice of a reggae prophet to the vocal accompaniment of Sister Julie, a woman whose voice is as beautiful as her heart. In 1997, the band put out King of Kings CD and captured a Canadian Urban Music Award for Best Reggae Album in 1998. That same year they began to tour, ultimately crossing the country and opening for Burning Spear, Beenie Man and other respected reggae artists. Selassie I Power went back into the studio in 2003 to record a new album of Reuben's songs, Reggae Planet, to be followed by a world tour. Dedicated to the concept of Edu-tainment, Rasta Reuben's lyrics express modern fears and strivings conquered by the timeless powers of love, freedom and redemption. Those who have seen Reuben in concert are overwhelmed by the total experience of pure inspiration carried on a reggae soundwave that grooves the body, moves the heart, and improves the mind.


Fredlocks Asher


Fredlocks Asher spent his early years in Jamaica, before immigrating with his family to Toronto, Canada. He studied many instruments including drums, bass, and even clarinet prior to specializing as a keyboard player. Fredlocks is a dynamic performer, but his heart is in composition and studio production. He served his apprenticeship with Bob Simpson at Jah Studio in Toronto where he learned to craft a musical idea into a full-fledged, well-produced song.

Fredlocks Asher's first full-length album, Wisdom, garnered nominations at the Canadian Reggae Music Awards in 2001. He completed his instrumental Dub Life in 2004, and followed up with a compilation album titled Ultra Flex Volume One that showcases his production skills. He is now at work on a dancehall and dub release, Race: The Final Frontier.

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We've not done 3 rehearsals and we have 2 more coming up... here's the song list so far:

Song List

Why must I Cry

Bush Doctor

Not Going to Give it Up


Down Presser Man

Johnny Be Good

Stepping Razor

Brand New Second Hand

Legalize it

Equal Rights

Once Bitten

Ketchy Shuby

Reggae My Lytis

Jah Guide

In My Song

You Can't Blame the Youth

Rastafari Is

Stop and Don't look Back

Soon Come

Three Wise Men

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Check out the huge article in the Toronto Sun Today:


Tribute to reggae icon Pete Tosh


"This guitar is firing shots at all them devil disciples," reggae icon Peter Tosh is quoted as saying in the book accompanying the 3-CD set, Peter Tosh: Honorary Citizen, that came out 20 years ago.

"Music is my weapon to fight against apartheid, nuclear war, and those gang-Jah criminals."

Tosh was easily one of the most explicitly political musicians to emerge from Jamaica.

He held strong opinions on political corruption, police brutality, apartheid, and, most famously, advocated smoking marijuana, and he never minced his words -- whether in interviews or in song.

Here's how fearless he was.

Back in '78 before a crowd of 30,000 that included then Prime Minister Michael Manley, Tosh smoked a spliff and berated the PM for 30 minutes for refusing to legalize marijuana!

A year before Peter Tosh: Honorary Citizen came out, Tosh was killed after gunmen burst into his Jamaica home and shot up the place.

He was only 42.

Reggae authority Roger Steffens, who co-produced it and authored the liner notes, told me, "(Peter's) comment that his songs are not smiling songs is one of his most profound quotes. He wasn't here to make people smile or be happy."

Songs such as No Mercy, which addresses police brutality; Black Dignity, with its lyrics, "Live black, love black, think black," and his attack on Christianity in the song You Can't Fool Me Again, prove this.

"He was in the frontlines of the Black Power movement in the Caribbean in the '60s, and his heroes were (Black Panther Party members) Angela Davis and H. Rap Brown," adds Steffens, who was a close friend of Tosh's.

Tomorrow night at the El Mocambo, several local reggae acts will honour Tosh at an event being billed as Another Peter Tosh Tribute.

Headlining the show is the House of David Gang, who've been turning out '70s and '80s-style Jamaican reggae for a good 15 years.

King Selah, Jahlin, Empress Iniffa, Tanny Meadows, Rasta Reuben& Selassie I Power, Fredlocks Asher, and The High Plains Drifter are also on the bill.

10 p.m. Admission is $10 with a canned food donation/$15 without.

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