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  1. for some' date=' maybe... others may not remember a thing! [/quote'] TOUCHE!!! hahahaha oh and I'm totally in!
  2. Such a great time this weekend!! I missed the cheeseburger party as well lol
  3. That is Awesome news! You guys totally deserve it! CONGRATS!!
  4. yeah I like the T-virus contacts.. soo coool
  5. This event was a lot of fun! The music was great.. all the little ones were having fun and the auction was fantastic! Thanks Superfreak!
  6. I'm in! WOO HOO!! Don't start my new job until the week after.. I actually postponed it due to this.. (and ac/dc) lol
  7. I can't wait to see them in Ontario again! oh and congrats!
  8. celticwolfsun


    Hells Yeah! I can't wait to see the cannon!!
  9. It was a lot of fun as usual.. but not enough people were out! Hopefully they play there again.. or maybe the Groove Kitchen downtown Preston (different part of Cambridge) which is small but a nice little place..
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