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Fishman Injured?!?


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According to CNN


Phish Drummer Injured

Thursday, December 9, 2008 Posted: 2:45 PM EDT (1319 GMT)

Vermont (AP) -- Jon Fishman, drummer of the eclectic rock band Phish, was hospitalized today after a wind turbine malfunction near his Vermont home. Fishman is reportedly "OK", but plans for the upcoming Phish reunion shows in Hampton, Virginia may be put on hold as he recovers from severe ligament damage to his right foot.

Phish frontman and guitarist Trey Anastasio commented on the accident. "These kinds of things happen, you know what I mean? Fish just made an honest mistake. He's been passionate about wind power for awhile now, and he's been up there working on that monstrosity in his yard, and I guess he didn't get some bolts tight enough or something, you know what I mean? I'm just happy that Fish is alive."

Fishman was injured when one of the blades on his wind turbine fell free of the structure and flew toward him. In an attempt to escape injury he tripped over the cord of his power drill and damaged his foot.

"I'm just so disappointed," commented Phish's Page McConnell. "He was getting so tight with Mike (Gordon, bassist of Phish). They were like the meat that makes up the Phish sandwich. I feel really bad for all of our fans who were looking forward to this so much. But I'm really just happy he's ok."

Fishman stated that he has no plans to stop construction on his wind turbine, adding that renewable energy sources are more important to society and the world than music. "I just don't think, when you look at everything going on in the world today, that a rock band is really that important. We need to come up with viable alternative energies. When I'm healed up, I'm hoping to power the Phish reunion with wind power. A truly eco-friendly concert could make a difference."

Phish has not rescheduled their reunion concerts yet, but plans are in the works for a summer comeback at Colorado's Red Rocks Ampitheater in July.

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