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Worst Commercial of the Year: Woods/Federer/Henry


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LONDON (AFP) - A television advert featuring Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Thierry Henry promoting a razor was named the worst of the year by a British industry magazine Thursday.


The Gillette commercial including the US golfing great, the Swiss tennis champion and French striker was chosen as the "top turkey" of 2008 by advertising industry weekly Campaign.

"The Gillette ad is an own goal, a double fault and a bunker shot rolled into one," said the magazine's editor Claire Beale.

"To secure three of the world's most famous sports stars would have cost Gillette millions but is such a wasted opportunity as the creative lacks any charm or wit."

The advertising for the US razor manufacturer shows the trio succeeding in their sports, before each mentions how they do not think about the past, and only care about the present.

In second place came an advert involving iconic French singer Edith Piaf incongruously singing "Je Ne Regrette Rien" in a commercial for British spectacles retailer SpecSavers.

Other ads featuring in the top 10 were one for French carmaker Renault, in third place, which Campaign described as "the runaway winner of this year's award for the lousiest dubbing job."

Another, for Korean electronics giant Samsung featuring four members of Chelsea football club, showed the group playing with a football on a photoshoot, spliced with shots of a television.

Research carried out by US magazine Sports Illustrated showed that between them, Wood, Federer and Henry made around 189 million dollars in 2007.

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