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It's a Good Rev weekend at Pepper Jack's...


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(I'm playing with three of the four acts)

This Christmas season, three lonely Jews (well, two and a half) decided that it was time for this town to see a Hannukah party of epic proportions. So we put together the best Hamilton bill we could imagine.

DOORS: 9pm

COVER: $4 before 10pm; $8 after

10:00pm JULIE FADER (w Huron and Erin Aurich)

Perhaps Hamilton's smiliest expatriot, Julie plays in Sarah Harmer's band, Great Lake Swimmers, sometimes even sings with Chad VanGaalen and is about to drop a bomb of a record on us all. She'll be backed by Huron and joined by Erin Aurich on vocals and violin.


10:40pm DON VAIL

Chore + Treble Charger + Nick Daleo = my favourite Hamilton band (even if they tell you they're from Dunnville). Just an unreal rock band with real sharp melodies, interesting and immediately likable songs and a super heavy side that makes them a mighty beast indeed. Check out their record, pre-release copies available for sale!



Dan is a good friend and my bandmate in at least two projects at any given moment...a talented musician, vocalist, lyricist, producer; many across the country have recently become better acquainted with him as keyboardist in the Arkells. But Hamilton, you know better; you know every word to his Stars and Satellites record, you've had yours for almost two years. He's making a new record, he'll have new songs to debut, and we in the Regrets will be backing him as always.


12:20am HURON

I've waited a long time for the right group of collaborators to come along and these guys are them. We formed at the very beginning of 2008 - since then we've written ourselves a little rock and roll catalogue, changed our name once, and we're just completing our first record, with Ian Blurton at the desk. And shit, is it killer, if I do say so myself. We've been told we have elements of a lot of different great bands, bands all the way from Black Sabbath to the Band to Thrush Hermit back to Crazy Horse to Thin Lizzy to the Allman Brothers. You should probably just come see us for yourself.


Don't miss it folks, you'll be sorry!



Chris Gatchene (Fat Cats) - guitar, vocals

Steve Murphy (Steve Elmo Murphy Band) - guitar, vocals

Shelby Kerr (Steve Elmo Murphy Band) - vocals

Aaron Goldstein (awesome) - pedal steel

Dave Hill (Fat Cats) - bass

Ricky Neu (Diesel Dog) - drums

I'd better see every last one of you raging from 10 o'clock until Kenny kicks you out, on both nights!

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