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random tunes, what you're listening to, something everyone else needs to hear, whatever - im gonna make a playlist in my itunes and see what i end up with. who wants to play? i'll go first - i've been all over this the last couple days..

rheostatics w/ doug feaver, our little town, whale music concert 1992

its killer. and thats the same riff martin uses for everybody knows this is nowhere w/ the bourbon tabernacle choir - anyone know which came first?

when it all comes down

a little's gonna mean a lot

to all my friends and i who didnt get caught

a little's gonna mean a lot

to all my friends and i who didnt get bought

a little's gonna mean a lot

in our little town

haha! good monday to ya!

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300mb limit is the largest file you can upload is all (for a free account), if you have an alternative way to complie the entire album/show into a single uploadable file, then go for it. I just suggested zip or rar since they (to my knowledge) are the most common ways of doing so.

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You can actually upload multiple files seperately by clicking the multiple uploader option c-town.

Anyway, I removed my previous link, it was deleted due to inactivity, so here's a really sweet cover of John Prine's Sam Stone.

Al Kooper (solo acoustic - guitar and piano)

November 9th 1974

Record Plant

Sausalito, CA

KSAN FM 95.5 San Francisco


Al solo piano

05 - Sam Stone (John Prine)


There's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes, Jesus Christ died for nothing I suppose

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