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Questions on Rapidshare


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How does rapid share work in terms of using different computers or even sharing an account? Do they do IP tracking or enforce unique login sessions?

I'm looking at the service after dropping my long running Usenet account with easynews which I barely use, though to be fair, torrents became the provider for much of the stuff I would have picked off of usenet.

How do you use rapidshare? Are there any really good services that index rapidshares out there?

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There are TONS of sites/blogs/services for the various pay downloading services.

I used Rapidshare for well over a year. Love it. Never had problems. Decided to give Megashares a shot on their 6 month deal (less than half the price of Rapidshare). I find that it's a little harder finding some of the megashares, but once you do, you just keep going back to the same sites.

One advantage of Megashares is the fact that it's single-file downloads. Sometimes Rapidshare (and many of the others) can be a pain when they are broken into so many smaller parts (adds up to a lot for HD stuff ). However, if you set up some of the great add-ons for Firefox it pretty much makes it minimal effort.

You can "share" accounts. Like anything, you just have to trust whoever you do it with. I use my Megashares at home and at work no problem. Same went for Rapidshare ;)

This has to be on of the best forums I found out there for all these services:


and a great index for some of the stuff there:


This is a valuable search engine for finding stuff that you can isolate by download service:


Some other useful ones:





and of course simple searches on google and choose "blogs" and you'll find endless more quantities ;)

Rapidshare has a bandwidth cap still i think. It's 2gigs a day, but accumulates.

I've found the majority of stuff is Rapidshare and Megaupload on tehparadox site and others.

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