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Movember Yo!


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My name's Keri and I'm a proud member of the Cookie Duster Collective! I'm into fast cars and fast women! My principle interests are kickin' ass and takin' names! Donate to help fight some cancer and you get put on my SAFE LIST!

Donate: http://ca.movember.com/mospace/53057

Thanks very much.


All contributors will have their name put into a draw for their chance to win a baggie containing my shorn whiskers come the end of this campaign. (This is especially enticing for those with young children as the clippings would be ideal for use in a texture-themed arts & crafts project!)

Thanks to those who have already supported me in this cause! My campaign has really come alive in the past week or so! I'm posting here as a last final push as the fundraising drive comes to an end in a week or so.

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"I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the baggie of your short and curlies." Hilarious!

Nice to read about your Movember efforts Keri.

Movember seems to have really taken off this year. I've run into a number of people over the past month who have been growing a stache for the cause. At my school, we had approx. 30 teachers staff participate. I shaved the beard but kept the stache ... don't know how long that will last as my wife is not a fan and I tend to be lazy about shaving! :)

At our school, we raised over $2000 and increased awareness in a big way.

Peace, Mark

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Thanks Joni! You rock! Sorry to hear about your father being diagnoses with prostate cancer. That is really too bad. Maybe I could go ahead and rig in your favour that bag of whiskers draw. Shh though. ;)

Yeah, I don't think I've ever heard about this Movember thing before and then my buddy from Chatham who lives in Calgary asked me to join his team, The Cookie Duster Collective. I'd never before gone more than three days without shaving so it was quite the courageous endeavour, I must say!

We need to see a Mo' Mark photo! That's great that your high school faculty has joined forces as well! It's really sweeping the nation! There's even a couple ladies on The Cookie Duster Collective!

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