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  1. Happy Birthday Sara! Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor Saturday!
  2. Thinking of Julia's beautiful smile and wonderful energy.
  3. Congratulations Blurry! It looks great and sounds awesome!
  4. What a wonderful weekend! Those Americans really like their fireworks! The diffraction glasses may have shorted out a cluster of my brain cells....the ones I use to drive. My highlights were Cornmeal, the hammock district, Korey wringing every last drop of fun outta his birthday, DSO ending with Brokedown Palace, cliff-jumping, Disco Pizza, and The Beard's gigglefest after a weekend of 60 beers for $40. Tara & Baj, we really missed you and were really looking forward to meeting Little Sunshine.
  5. See you there Captain Sunshine! I really need a few days on the beach! I heard a rumour the hotdog suit is making another appearance too.
  6. Congrats! Two wheels are way funner than four!
  7. Awesome Tigger! The Beard and I will see you there!
  8. http://www.therecord.com/whatson/artsentertainment/article/511096--td-kitchener-blues-festival-announces-2011-lineup
  9. Hey Captain Sunshine! Looking forward to this for my annual launch across the country! Can't wait to meet Little Captain Sunshine too!
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