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The New Deal - Live CD Release info

Jay Funk Dawg

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the NEW DEAL releases a hometown recorded live disc. (See album cover above) It's an in-depth snapshot of the band’s current musical path which captures their rapidly-intensifying sound. A pre-holiday throwdown at Toronto’s Mod Club on Thursday, December 17th, 2009 will celebrate the release with local electronica duo TMDP.




NuFunk.ca presents...

the NEW DEAL :::Live Record release show:::


with guests TMDP (Toronto synth/laptop duo, YYZ Records)

TMDP on MySpace

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Doors 9pm

Mod Club Theatre

722 College Street


Tickets $20 Adv @ http://www.thenewdeal.com

Play De Record, Rotate This and Soundscapes.

Buy Online at Ticketweb here: Tickets for the New Deal with TMDP

the NEW DEAL releases a hometown recorded live disc that captures their rapidly-intensifying sound,and marks the occasion with a pre-holiday throwdown at Toronto’s Mod Club.


The New Deal


With over 700 shows and 9 records under their belt, the NEW DEAL understands the concept of evolving both as a group and as musicians. The new live record, captured at a Toronto show this past summer, proves that the band’s improvisation-based show model continues to be a perfect platform for the development of their unique sound.

The New Deal's ten-year career has spawned countless Live- Electro bands, garnered numerous award nods and continues to inspire an ever-growing audience that flock to their sold-out concerts. The release of this new live record marks a time in the NEW DEAL’s career where their sound and showmanship have been taken to a totally new level. From North America to Asia, their concerts are drawing ever-increasing audiences filled with new faces, proving that grassroots popularity can be a truly satisfying progression upward.

This show will be a CD Release for a live album they recorded in Toronto on July 16th at Mod Club.



TMDP on MySpace

This Toronto laptop duo composed of Jeffrey Addison and Gavin Rough have been steadily building buzz all year, but they’ve slavishly worked on this project for much longer. Their years of effort are reflected in a pristine debut that’s as catchy as it is well crafted. These guys are too good not to blow up.

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