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Cooking steak sous-vide

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Why would anyone want to cook a steak sous-vide, you might ask?

It's simple enough that it can be accomplished with about 5 minutes of active work, and under an hour from start to finish. Why would anyone want to cook a steak sous-vide, you might ask? The short answer is flawless execution. When a steak is cooked via standard methods, even with a precise thermometer, you run a certain risk of over or under-cooking it.

This risk can be minimized, but it takes practice and skill—even the seasoned line cooks at Luger's, who've been turning-and-burning steaks before vegans existed, will produce the occasional slightly-too-well-done porterhouse.

By cooking your steak in a vacuum-sealed pouch at the precise temperature you want to serve it at, sous-vide cooking makes that risk a thing of the past. But there are still a number of variables involved that can give you better or worse results.


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I like a nice sear on my steaks. A nice crust from hot heat is such a good contrast to the soft flesh of a rare steak. I don't think the sear that the article suggest giving it at the end would be as good or you would end up cooking the steak past temp.

That being said I had some caribou cooked sous-vide that was one of the nicest cuts of meat that I have ever had.

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