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Kingston's Brian's Record Option GoFundMe Campaign


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Donated. Hopefully you posting this link suggested you donated as well.

Brian's Record Option decorated The Apartment with music and posters. Pictures of that place ended up in Relix magazine for fuck's sake (thank you DaveyBoy 2.0 - I still own a copy of that peculiarly particular magazine).

When I was younger, and stoned all the time, it was easy to peruse the collection off incredible gifts in there but as I got older it became harder because time seemed to get in the way. "We gotta do this and then this followed by this". That place is a treasure trove of finds. Whenever anyone has ever asked me about a shop in Kingston to buy music I have always pointed them in this direction. There is nothing like it. When I first met BradM it felt like I was meeting Brian's twin. 

This is a solid GoFundMe that deserves attention.

My earliest memory is that Brian played a ton of the Doors back when we were surfing for........anything. I knew early on that it wasnt my thing but my roommate Pete at the time got waaaaaaay into the Doors and I always wondered if it was due to the soundtrack in the background, not that it matters. And if it was? Thank you Brian because we had some killer trips that I may never have went on


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yes, added funds. 

I used to head there on the bus regularly during high school hours.  NOt sure how many classes were skipped to pick up some original Beatles vinyl or new releases by Prince, Terrance Trent D'Arby, Tom Petty, Travelling Wilbury's, you know… all the hits from the mid to late eighties.

Most of my record collection was built from that place.  Mind you, a few of my treasures have gone missing somehow.   Example, The Concert for Bangladesh. I had 2 copies from there.  One original, and one re-issue.  where the hell do box packs like that go?   It's not like missing a fucking sock for fuck sakes.

It is amazing that he's been in business as long as he has.  I don't think there are any original vinyl shops left in Kingston (like house of sound for example).

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" where the hell do box packs like that go?   It's not like missing a fucking sock for fuck sakes." 

I keep forgetting you tell that story. When is the last time you recall owning either, simply because we moved a few times after leaving Myrna's. Is it safe to assume you had one copy, possibly both, while you lived in Smith's Falls?

Moving is always recklessly wretched. 


Good job on donating while also making the board aware. Here`s another Door`s song, probably the deepest and most meaningful, our crew would never had known about had it not been for Brian.............this ALWAYS came on at some point when we were tripping ballz. It always felt like home to us. `This is the best part of the trip.` - it was as if we needed to hear those words at that very moment simply to save our marbles from becoming lost to other players. 

You might enjoy this song brother because it is well built. 



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i'm convinced i had it at my previous house.  I considered that I may have lent the album out, but I had 2, and don't think I would have lent out both.

also missing are a load of videotapes.  The most important ONE is a videotape of the Beatles cover band i put together in Kingston…playing at the British Pavilion during Folklore festival.  That is gold material.  

Did I forget stuff in the move? Did things "fall of the truck"?  I dunno. But that damn videotape is irreplaceble and worth infitinite laughs.  



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